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Demons for Tea Has a Cover! You Can Preorder it! I’m using too many exclamation points!

This wonderful, creepy, perfect cover can multitask! If you click it, it takes you to the Amazon pre-order page, where Prime members get a discount on their next order (Prime has some odd rules.)

I love this book. I had SO much fun writing it!

Here’s the blurb:

Ex-priest Denis Kaine’s surviving on ramen and kicking otherworldly creatures off this planet. It’s all noise to fill his chasm of hate and guilt inside from letting his twin brother blow his brains out because he’d been possessed. Denis should’ve known. He should’ve seen. He should’ve… everything.

His survival techniques are no match for Emma Koroleva, the 1200-year-old entity he freed from imprisonment in Rome. She’s powerful, she’s got major attitude, and she hates ramen.

She changes into various poltergeists and forces Denis to “exorcise” her. Denis gets paid, they eat real food, and she toys with seducing him. Denis starts to think he’s living in the sitcom from hell until he learns his dead brother’s become the plaything of something big, strong, and evil. Screw sitcoms. Denis is about to prove why his rep is legendary in the spirit world.



Look at the Pretty!

Certainly horror can be pretty. Was there any doubt?

My story “Butterflies Eating the Dead” will appear in Transmundane Press’ TRANSCENDENT anthology!

The official blurb:

A parallel dimension exists below the surface of reality.

Its doors swing open every time we sleep, allowing us passage into the land of DREAMS, a plane rich with exotic fantasy and limitless bliss. Within this wonder world, however, lurk dark corridors and terrible creatures—some unfortunate travelers never escape the NIGHTMARES waiting in the shadows.

Many have tried bridging our worlds. Seekers and wise men have meditated for VISIONS and ingested intoxicants for HALLUCINATIONS in hopes that the veil between our realms will thin, allowing access to all the thrills, joys, and horrors beyond our senses.

TRANSCENDENT is an open gate, a gangway linking our realm to the shimmering sphere where nothing is certain and anything is possible.

Look for it soon!


Greetings from the Writing Cave!

Kate Morgan has NEWS

First: I was on The Prepper Podcast talking all things The Redeemers, apocalyptic horror, TEOTWAWKI, and books, books, books. You can listen to the podcast here:

Blog Talk Radio: The Written Apocalypse


Second: New Horror is coming soon! Omnium Gatherum Books will publish Demons for Tea (Supernatural meets The Addams Family) later this year!

Read all about it here:

Demons for Tea at Omnium Gatherum

This calls for champagne!




Alice Loweecey’s going to be at a whooole bunch of book signings for her newest mystery, Second To Nun.

Kate Morgan will be at all these signings too! Come on out and I’ll sign your copy of The Redeemers!

Here’s the List:

My friend and fellow mystery writer Beverly Allen and I are joined at the hip for the months of October and November. Come on out and we’ll make you laugh and feed you cookies:

WNY Women of Mystery: Tues, Oct 6th, 7 pm at the Amherst NY Barnes and Noble. Book launch for FLORAL DEPRAVITY by Beverly Allen (Barb Early) and SECOND TO NUN by Alice Loweecey. Plus Sandra Block’s new book, THE GIRL WITHOUT A NAME. 

Oct 8-11, Bouchercon in Raleigh, NC.

Thursday, October 15, 5:30 pm: The Larkin Square Authors Series at Larkin Square in Buffalo. NY.

Sat, Oct 24, 1 pm at the Dewitt Barnes and Noble (Syracuse, NY). Signing with Alice Loweecey and Beverly Allen

Friday, November 6, 6 pm at the Williamsville , NY Barnes and Noble. So many authors at this event! Come out and get a lot of Christmas shopping done!

Saturday, November 28 (Thanksgiving weekend), at The Bookworm, 34 Elm St., East Aurora, NY.

With all these choices, you’re sure to find one you can come to. We look forward to meeting you all!



Today is The Redeemers’ Book Birthday!

Buy it on Amazon (only $3.99)!

Make sure you leave the lights on if you dare to read it late at night!




The Redeemers blog tour!



I’ll be posting updates here and on my Facebook Page as the tour progresses.

In addition! You could win one of three handmade Redeemer amigurumi by commenting during the tour. Save these dates!

redeemer amigurumi



Welcome to Kate Morgan’s horror page! First up is the cover reveal for her novel, The Redeemers, out this August with Dark Recesses Press:

RedeemersCover_Morgan (Loweecey)