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Remember Giulia Falcone? She’s back!

With shiny new covers!

You’ve all been reading Giulia’s new adventures from Henery Press (Nun too Soon, Second to Nun, Nun but the Brave, and The Clock Strikes Nun), but there was a Giulia before Giulia Driscoll, owner-operator of Driscoll Investigations!

This Giulia was fresh out of the convent and still trying to learn how to put on makeup. Now Giulia’s first three adventures are back in print. Click on the cool new covers to read a sample and give them a try. They’re only $1.99 each!

The Clock Strikes Nun is here!

Giulia has a new job: Hunting ghosts. Maybe. If ghosts are real:

When terrified Elaine Patrick knocks on Driscoll Investigations’ door and insists her house is haunted, Giulia Driscoll’s first response is “we don’t handle ghosts.” When Elaine’s housekeeper and crackpot filthy rich cousin descend on Giulia and demand she find out who’s trying to steal sweet, fragile Elaine’s family business out from under her, that’s a different story.

They want DI to provide Tarot readings, ghost hunting sessions, and even an exorcism. Ghost hunting? There are apps for that. Tarot readings? Experts in the skill are right across the street. Exorcisms? Having a priest for a brother-in-law comes in handy. Giulia plunges into a crash course in all things supernatural, convinced everything happening to Elaine is stagecraft. Except when it isn’t. Giulia’s about to discover a new dimension to sleuthing, if she can survive attempted murder long enough to see through the web of lies around her client.


And of course there is a book launch! I’ll be with my fellow author, Barbara Early, at the Erie Boulevard Barnes and Noble in Syracuse NY on Saturday June 3rd from noon-2pm. There will be cupcakes!

Mystery Thriller Week is coming!


It’s Nun but the Brave time!

NUN BUT THE BRAVE frontThere Will Be Cupcakes! No Doomsday Prepper food here: I’m talking the real thing. Cake and frosting, nom.

Launch Part One will be Saturday, July 16 at the Erie Blvd. Barnes and Noble in Syracuse, NY. CLICK HERE for the link to the event on my Facebook page.

Launch Part Two will be the very next day: Sunday, July 17 at Dog Ears Bookstore in Buffalo, NY. CLICK HERE for the link to the event on my Facebook page.

I hope to see you there!

Only 4 Weeks to Nun But The Brave!

And the first review is in:


A teaser, from Karen Owen’s A Cup of Tea and a Cozy Mystery:

“Wow, just wow” is what I thought as I finished the last line of Nun But The Brave.

Read the full review HERE.

Giulia’s infiltrating a colony of Doomsday Preppers, and she’s never milked a goat in her life. Yike!




Just in time for the release of Nun but the Brave, I’m thrilled to be part of the Suffolk Mystery Authors Festival on Saturday, August 13! Here’s the cool page they’ve set up for me:

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 6.38.13 PM

It’s in beautiful Suffolk, Virginal ad features a whole bunch of authors. Here’s the link to the festival homepage. Both Kate Morgan and I hope to see you there!

Shiny New Cover!

I dearly love my Henery Press covers! Tin foil hat! Nunmobile! Secret things happening behind The Hedge! Ooooo….


It’s up for preorder at Amazon. Laughs and mysteries for only $4.99!

Books, Books, Books and Champagne!


I’m celebrating! Henery Press has signed me to write three more Giulia Driscoll Books!

Oh, and book 3 – Nun but the Brave, arrives on July 12. Mark your calendars!

Happy Book Birthday, Second To Nun! (Plus signings. Lots of signings!)

Second to Nun hits stores today! Run out and buy a copy! Or stay in and download it to your Kindle or on iTunes. I’m all about making your book-buying experience an easy one.

Here’s the “easy” button:

The Henery Press Second To Nun page with All The Links. <–Click me!


On to the signings!

My friend and fellow mystery writer Beverly Allen and I are joined at the hip for the months of October and November. Come on out and we’ll make you laugh and feed you cookies:

WNY Women of Mystery: Tues, Oct 6th, 7 pm at the Amherst NY Barnes and Noble. Book launch for FLORAL DEPRAVITY by Beverly Allen (Barb Early) and SECOND TO NUN by Alice Loweecey. Plus Sandra Block’s new book, THE GIRL WITHOUT A NAME. 

Oct 8-11, Bouchercon in Raleigh, NC.

Thursday October 15, 5:30 pm: The Larkin Square Authors Series at Larkin Square in Buffalo. NY.

Sat, Oct 24, 1 pm at the Dewitt Barnes and Noble (Syracuse, NY). Signing with Alice Loweecey and Beverly Allen

Friday, November 6, 6 pm at the Williamsville , NY Barnes and Noble. So many authors at this event! Come out and get a lot of Christmas shopping done!

Saturday, November 28 (Thanksgiving weekend), at The Bookworm, 34 Elm St., East Aurora, NY.

With all these choices, you’re sure to find one you can come to. We look forward to meeting you all!