Happy Book Birthday, Second To Nun! (Plus signings. Lots of signings!)

Second to Nun hits stores today! Run out and buy a copy! Or stay in and download it to your Kindle or on iTunes. I’m all about making your book-buying experience an easy one.

Here’s the “easy” button:

The Henery Press Second To Nun page with All The Links. <–Click me!


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Giulia’s in Some Pretty Cool Company

This is today’s NetGalley homepage:

She’s quite happy about it, too!

Second To Nun Cover Is Here!

I have a terrific new cover from Henery Press!

*happy dance*

The book arrives this September, just in time for one last beach read!

Happy Book Birthday, Nun Too Soon!

Laughter, Nunmobile cookies, and a good time with family, friends, and fans!


Read “Changing Habits” Now! Nun Too Soon Available Tomorrow!

And it’s FREE!

The short story, that is. 😀

Click the cover and it takes you to the master page on the Henery Press website, with links to several different versions.

Tomorrow, January 13, 2015, Nun Too Soon will be available in stores and online everywhere!

Happy book birthday, Giulia!


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Live and In Person! With Cookies!

Nun Too Soon hits stores in one week, yippee! To celebrate, I’ll be bouncing from Syracuse to Buffalo to Clarence at three different Barnes and Nobles.

There will be Nunmobile cookies. Come on out to chat and nom and have me sign your copy of Nun Too Soon! I’m also revealing the stunning fascinator designed . . . → Read More: Live and In Person! With Cookies!

Changing Habits–Everyone’s Doing It!

Want to see what shenanigans Giulia’s been up to between Veiled Threat and Nun Too Soon?

Come find out for FREE!

Changing Habits is a short story about a Very Important Event in Giulia’s life, which of course is all mixed up with a mystery and Sidney being extra-perky and Frank’s huge, fun, boisterous . . . → Read More: Changing Habits–Everyone’s Doing It!

Early reviews for Nun Too Soon

This is how I prepare for the few reviews I have to read:

Well, not in the habit, of course. I haven’t been a nun for many, many years. But the principle is the same.

However, I’m thrilled to report that reviews from both Publisher’s Weekly and Suspense Magazine are enough to get that . . . → Read More: Early reviews for Nun Too Soon

Never. Give. Up. NEVER.

It’s champagne time! Dark Recesses Press will publish my post-apocalyptic horror novel, And You Shall Find, in May 2015.

A big, honking, important WARNING for all my mystery fans: This is creepy, gory, in-yer-face HORROR. It is NOT NOT NOT a light, fun, Giulia Driscoll adventure.

You Have Been Warned.


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Writes of Passage

From Sisters in Crime and Henery Press–real stories from real writers–like me!


Get it at Amazon!